Last update 20 Jul,2023
Գաղտնիության քաղաքականություն
Striving to protect the personal data of its Customers protected by the RA Constitution, the RA Law "On Protection of Personal Data" and other legal acts, "The House" LLC (location: Yerevan, A.Sargsyan 4, RA) has adopted this "Privacy Policy". It defines the provisions regarding the collection, use and protection of the Customer's data by "The House" LLC when accessing the website
Definitions and Abbreviations
1. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions and abbreviations are used:
1.1. "Website":,
1.2. "Company", "D House" LLC,
1.3. "Customer" means any natural person who accesses the Website and, as a result of certain actions performed by him, enables the Company to collect his personal data,
1.4. "Data", "Personal Data" means any information related to the Customer that allows or may allow to directly or indirectly identify his identity, including his name, address, telephone number, age, gender, e-mail address, as well as other data related to the Customer's personality,
1.5. "Non-Personal Data" means aggregate Customer statistics, Website usage information and other non-personal data;
1.6. "Policy" means this Privacy Policy.
Data Collection and Use
1. The customer, entering the Website, receives a notification regarding the provision of consent to the completion of his Personal Data. The Customer gives this consent by placing the "V" mark in the relevant inquiry box.
2. The Customer may use the Company's Website without providing Personal Data about himself, but this may limit his ability to use certain features of the Website.
3. The information provided by the customer is obtained by filling out the Form on the Website and registering. That information is information provided when registering to use the Site, subscribing to the Company's services, including news, information requests, information provided by e-mails, information left in comments, etc. The Company may also request information from the Customer in case the Customer reports problems on the Website, the Company may retain the correspondence when sending a letter.
4. Registering on the Website, the Customer fills in the mandatory fields marked with asterisks in the Form. If you do not fill in the fields marked with asterisks, it will not be possible to register on the Website.
5. When entering the website, the browser of the Client's computer transmits to the Company such information as the Client's IP address, browser type, time of visit, URL source of the request; that information is collected and used to compile statistical data about visits to the Site. That information may be used to improve the Site and the services offered by the Company.
6. The Customer's Personal Data is collected and used only in accordance with RA legislation and this Policy. The Company does not provide the Customer's Personal Data to third parties in any way and does not publish them for any purpose, except for the cases defined by RA legislation and/or with the Customer's consent.
7. The Company collects and stores the Customer's Personal Data in the following cases (without limitation):
a) When registering on the website,
b) When subscribing,
c) When participating in a special offer,
d) During any other communication.
8. The Company collects the Customer's Personal Data for the following purposes (without limitation):
a) To confirm the identity of the Client,
b) To make purchases on the website,
c) To answer the Customer's questions and applications,
d) To provide access to certain parts and features of the Website for the Client,
e) Communicate with the Client regarding his account, submitted questions, requests, suggestions, interests, preferences,
f) For subscription to news, notification about Events,
g) To notify the Client about changes in the Company's services.
9. Personal data is kept by the Company for an indefinite period.
10. Automatically collected data includes only information about the language of the Site.
11. The Company does not have access to the Customer's payment cards or other banking data, therefore the Company cannot in any way register, collect such data and in any way cannot be responsible for any damages suffered by the Customer as a result of any use of such data (including, without limitation, cases of third parties gaining access to such data in any way and taking any action).
Data recipients
1. The recipients of customer data are:
a) Structural units of the company,
b) companies that: