Last update 20 Jul,2023
Վերադարձի պայմաններ
Food (including alcoholic products), being considered a food product, according to the relevant provisions of Articles 484, 491 and 518 of the RA Civil Code, is subject to return by the Customer only in the following cases:
a) until the Customer receives the order,
b) before the Customer signs the delivery document,
c) if after receiving the delivery, the Customer found that the product does not correspond to his order, the product is of poor quality or damaged.
If the customer discovers a defect in the product, the latter has the right to demand:
1. To replace such defective or damaged product with a good quality product,
2. Proportionately lowering the price,
3. To return the amount paid for the product.
In all other cases, according to Article 23 of the RA Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", purchased products of proper quality are not returned.
Refunds are made by bank transfer within a reasonable period of time.