The Auchentoshan company was founded around 1800, but under the name Auchentoshan, it has been operating since 1823, after the adoption of the "Act on Excise" in the country. Translated from the Gaelic, name of the company means "corner of the field." The plant itself is located in the lowlands north of Glasgow, and the source is the spring water: Cochna Loch, located in the mountains. Auchentoshan company is one of the few distilleries remaining in the Lowland after World War II. The main feature of plant is the use of triple distillation, in contrast to the generally accepted double distillation of alcohol for whiskey. Some sources claim that the history of Auchentoshan is connected with the Irish settlers, who brought with them the Irish custom of triple distillation for whiskey. In 1984, the plant was bought by Morrison Bowmore, which after ten years became a subsidiary of Japan's Suntory Corporation. Suntory quickly took Auchentoshan to the next level, building a brand with a strong reputation. Currently, the plant produces 1,650 thousand liters of alcohol per year.



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